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About Slaughter Gunsmithing & Machine Works


Bazil Slaughter

Bazil Slaughter, owner/operator of Slaughter Gunsmithing and Machine Works is a licensed Firearm Manufacturer, Gunsmith and Toolmaker Machinist, located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Bazil Slaughter, the ‘Son of a Gun of the West’ founded Slaughter Gunsmithing & Machine Works in 1999. With over forty years experience as precision Machinist-Toolmaker Bazil Slaughter has been working on and with guns all of his adult life.

While working for PMC Ammunition as a Toolmaker in the late 1990's he had the opportunity to travel to northern Italy to train with Isidoro Rizzini and Company  to do warranty work on their line of fine over & under shotguns. Since that time he has returned for additional training with numerous Gunsmiths. While continuing to have a close relationship with the Rizzini's and maintaining a full parts inventory for their firearms, he has branched out to include custom shotgun, pistol and rifle work.

Slaughter Gunsmithing and Machine Works features full CNC machine shop manufacturing capabilities, producing firearm accessories and parts for new and old firearms for which parts may no longer be available.

Slaughter Gunsmithing has parts and performs service on Harrington & Richardson Excell Auto and H-R Excell Semi-Auto Shotguns. Bazil Slaughter will work on most shotguns, rifles and pistols and specializes in over-under and side by side shotguns. Slaughter Gunsmithing builds custom X-Lite Sporting shotguns and performs custom services for sporting, field shotguns and pistols including general Gunsmith machining and maintenance services.

Slaughter Gunsmithing and Machine Works performs warranty services on the Puma PPS 50 22LR carbine and offers a line of upgraded replacement parts for these rifles. Bazil Slaughter manufactures sight mounts for Docter Optics Red Dot Sights, which are also compatible with the Burris Fast Fire and Vortex Red Dot Sights. Docter Sight Mounts also mount Tactical Night Vision's Insight MRDS model Sights. He also specializes in making custom mounts and producing mounts for the Sig Sauer X-5 Pistol, Glock, Colt 1911 and many other semi-automatic pistols.

Slaughter Gunsmithing & Machine Works is a 0-7 licensed Manufacturer of Firearms.
License #9-86-015-01-3C-15044

Mark Taverniti

Slaughter Gunsmitting and Machine Works (Gun Shop)
2607 Tanglewood Place
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Slaughter Gunsmithing and Machine Works (Machine Shop)
2607 Tanglewood Place
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403