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Slaughter Gunsmithing & Machine Works Services



Slaughter Gunsmithing and Machine Works will perform precision work on our customers most valued firearms. We repair or customize any rifle, shotgun or pistol and carry a variety of quality parts. Slaughter Gunsmithing has many accessories and carries parts for H-R Excell Auto 5 semi-automatic shotguns. We perform service on Harrington & Richardson Excell Auto Shotguns. We manufacture sight mounts and install sights. Slaughter Gunsmithing and Machine Works will range test all firearms. Ammunition can be supplied by the customer to reduce cost. We provide updates to our customers prior to any additional charges and inspect our work several times to guarantee customer satisfaction.

General Services and Prices

Install Recoil Pad, Labor Only $75.00
Install Graco, Recoil Reduction System $300.00 plus pad
Port Barrell $75.00/barrell
Trigger Pull Job $85.00-$150.00
Lengthen Forcing Cone $65.00 or $120.00 for doubles
Polish Chamber and Bore $65.00
Midbead Installation $35.00
Front Site Installation $45.00-$120.00
Barrell Straightening and Adjustment $50.00/hr
Puma PPS 50 22LR. tune up $95.00 + parts
Inslide Red dot sight mounts for Glock,                       

Colt 1911 style Semi-auto pistols                  $125.00

Custom pistol and rifle work                          Call for pricing 702-610-0334

Click here for Puma tune-up demo video
Puma tune-up demo video


Please call (702) 610-0334 or email us for pricing on other services.